Molly Massage

Professional Massage Therapy for every body.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Everyone


  • Improves Circulation
  • Relieves muscle pain & tightness 
  • Relaxes the Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Improves Immune System functioning
  • Increases flexibility
  • Strengthens weakened muscles
  • Soothes & releases tension
  • Releases congestion & blockages
  • Promotes the Natural Healing Process
  • Assists with toxin removal
  • Decreases Stress levels
  • Feels Great


  • Helps relieve colic & digestive problems.
  • Relieves physical and emotional stress.
  • Communicates love and safety for your baby.
  • Increases quality and quantity of sleep. 
  • Helps premature babies become more active and alert, gain weight and mature more quickly.
  • An excellent way to bond with your baby, especially for DADDIES who cannot breastfeed.



For Pregnancy and Postpartum

  • Elimination of waste products through the lymphatic & circulatory system, which combats fatigue.
  • Increased circulation and reduced stress on the heart which keep blood pressure in check.
  • Alleviation of muscle tightness, stiffness, tension, and cramping.
  • Relief from headaches, stiff neck, backaches, sciatica, edema, and sore feet.
  • INCREASED oxygen and nutrients to the cells of mother and fetus; SO mom has more energy and fetus receives better nourishment.
  • Stabilization of hormone levels.
  • Increased flexibility of muscles.
  • Relaxation and better sleep; which means a healthier and happier mom.
  • Relaxation of muscles to improve rotation of breech presentation.
  • Preparation and loosening of the pelvis before birth.
  • An easier childbirth.
  • Easier breastfeeding and better milk production due to reduction in tension.
  • Speedier healing during postpartum recovery.
  • Realignment of pelvis after birth.
  • Relief from soreness and stiffness after childbirth.
  • Speedier recovery after a cesarean birth.